Postback, Multi-Site Postback, API

You'll gain security and reliability through these cookie-less and pixel-less lead reporting methods. A cookie file can be tampered with or mistakenly discarded by antivirus software which will cost you leads and money. Our reporting methods don’t require a cookie file or a tracking pixel to work. PointClick is on the leading edge with this technology. While we want to encourage this tracking method because of it’s benefits, it may not yet be applicable to some advertisers’ systems.


By utilizing our postback feature, your website can be notified automatically when you receive a new lead. Postback

Multi-Site Postback

Do you need notifications on separate sites? Multi-site postback allows you to setup additional sites and assign postbacks which will notify you automatically when you receive a new lead on any of the sites. Multi-Site Postback

API - Customized Conversion Reports

API allows publishers to receive customized conversion reports from our servers.

For example; if you wanted to know the amount of leads that converted between 6pm and 8pm on Monday, you would be able to send those specific requests to our server and attain that info only. Another use might be to send periodic requests for all leads.